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Matelote is a very old Alsatian dish. Typical wetlands like the Ried.
Traditionally this dish is made in Alsace of freshwater fish:
Pike, eel, pikeperch, tench, perch and river burbot (very rare).
It is cooked in Alsace white wine and served with noodles.
In reality, each establishment, each family makes the matelote according to its own tradition.
Each matelote Ried is an original dish. Common point, each chef will advise you to taste it with a local Riesling.

The Ried, land of the Matelote

The Ried (high Alemannic "rieth" = the reed) is a low region of depression in Ill and Rhine often flooded in spring, the plain Riedienne forms a marquetry of landscapes, typical villages surrounded by orchards and gardens, meadows and fields alternating with woods and moist forests.

Traditionally a hunting and fishing ground, the Central Alsace Ried contains many treasures for the attentive visitor: orchids, wild hyacinths and Siberian iris, crested lapwings, curlew, herons and fallow deer.

The winegrowers

  • Viticulteur GISSELBRECHT
    Willy Gisselbrecht is a family of winegrowers from father to son since the 17th century in Dambach-la-Ville. The estate is located outside the village walls,...

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  • Viticulteur KIRSCHNER
    Domaine KIRSCHNER is located on the wine route, in Dambach the city, medieval fortified city of 2000 inhabitants. The KIRSCHNER family farms 9.5 ha of vineyards...

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  • Viticulteur MERSIOL
    Our domain extends on the hillsides sous-Vosges of the wine-growing city of Dambach-la-ville. This vineyard is the fruit of the union of two family properties,...

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  • Viticulteur RUHLMANN
    It is in Dambach-la-Ville that the Ruhlmann family draws its passion for wine from the depths of the Alsatian terroir. From generation to generation, since...

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  • Distillerie NUSBAUMER
    Located in Alsace in the heart of Val de Villé, Jos distillery. Nusbaumer succeeds in the purest tradition of the country, the whole range of...

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The restaurateurs

The Grand Cru Frankstein

Winegrowers of Grand Cru Frankstein suggest the MATELOTE of RIED with the exceptional wines of Dambach-la-Ville.
The medieval city of Dambach-la-Ville is nestled at the foot of the hills of the Frankstein. They consist on 56,20 ha of a terroir of remarkable homogeneity.
Between 220 and 310 m above sea level, slopes are exposed to the east and south-east, which, from the first hours of the day, welcome the sun's rays. The soil comes from a granite arena with two micas that allows the water to filter and retains the heat.

The fish of Matelote



le brochet
le sandre
la tanche


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